Hilton Andrés Moscoso Gómez. (1988, Tolima, Colombia). 

Composer, producer, professor, electric guitar performer. 

Current postgraduate student of the Veracruzana University on the composition area. Graduated with the medal of academic merit from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana on music composition emphasis. Studied with Carolina Noguera Palau, Julián Valdivieso, and currently with Arturo Cuevas and Jorge Caballero; took courses with Gabriela Órtiz, Julio Estrada, Suzanne Farrin and Emil Awad. In addition to this, worked as an electric guitar player for many years, with 4-year technical studies at the Gentil Montaña Artistic Foundation School of Music, under the tutelage of the Cuban professor Amir Calzadilla Fernández, and have worked since the year 2007 as a producer, guitarist and composer of Colombian Heavy metal bands such as Ayahuasca, Terminal War and some others.

His creative interests develop by delving into the human and music seen as multidimensional meeting points. To do this, he delves deeper into listening, graphics, semiotics, and reflection surrounding musical forms and their relationships with the plastic, conceptual and performative possibilities of concert music. His works have been performed in various venues in Colombia, Mexico, the United States and Ecuador.

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